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Andrew TurnerAndrew Turner
22:54 14 Jan 24
We have taken our Labrador to Mark since he was 4 months old. Mark has helped us to work through all the issues we have faced and as a family we have felt nothing but support. We attend weekly classes which are fun as well as great learning. We have just rescued another dog with some training needs and part of our decision was knowing we have some amazing support which we will definitely need.
Gina HoughtonGina Houghton
12:48 25 Aug 23
I took Mason our rescue Rottie to Mark to get some help with his lead walking and lack of focus. Mark was brilliant. Listened to Mason’s background. Assessed how he walked with me then showed me where I needed to correct. We could see the difference in 5 mins. So grateful and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Mark!
Christina RoselerChristina Roseler
02:19 21 Jun 23
We attended a great PAYG puppy training class. Fantastic to not have to commit to a course / be on a waiting list. The first class gave us the confidence to train recall off lead!They also offer puppy parties on Tuesdays free of charge, with pups up to 5 months can socialise in a room. This was a bit overwhelming for our pup, but a great initiative.We'll be back for puppy training next week 🙂
Andie WaltersAndie Walters
18:12 21 May 23
Have been taking our pup, now almost 8 months old since he was about 12 weeks. Firstly to the puppy classes, then level one and two recall workshops. Mark, Charlotte and Dave are great, giving valuable advice, support and encouragement whilst making the classes fun. We’re now continuing with obedience classes. These guys really know their stuff and how to get results, and with a stubborn breed, their knowledge has been invaluable. Thank you Mark, Charlotte and Dave x
Lucy MayesLucy Mayes
11:11 21 Apr 23
Cannot recommend Mark and his team enough. We have been training our Labrador since she was 12 months old and recently completed the 4 week loose lead workshop. It's a miracle workshop! Our Labrador now walks by our side and no longer takes us for a walk anymore 🙂 Highly recommend!
Curtis KancoCurtis Kanco
21:33 22 Mar 23
Absolutely fantastic! Had a 4 week loose lead training course and couldn’t believe the difference in Murphy since the beginning! From pulling on the lead every walk to now walking gently beside me, barely feeling him on the lead at all! Highly recommend to all in need of well behaved pooches on leads.
Natasha-lea StroudNatasha-lea Stroud
19:14 14 Mar 23
Poppy our labrador has been training with Herts Canine since she was 12weeks old. Mark and his team are so helpful and knowledgeable there’s never a silly question to ask and Mark will always try and help with answers or suggestions suitable to your dog and your situation/life style.Lessons have been great fun (puppy parties) and engaging and interactive. Marks watches, observes and gives you tips and advice to help. The workshops are fantastic! After just one workshop lesson loose lead training, she has been walking like a completely different dog and that just down to great advice and techniques. Highly recommended, best you could want for your dog and their development and nurturing.
Laura McGillycuddyLaura McGillycuddy
09:07 14 Mar 23
Thoroughly recommend both group classes and one to one sessions. Love that the obedience classes are pay as you go so no pressure if you need to miss one. Mark has given me loads of confidence with my dog and we are making great progress. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. We have just finished a 4 week recall workshop which has been brilliant for teaching me and my dog how to train reliable recall. Group walks are a great free addition to the programme for socialisation (for dogs and owners!).
Sarah StoneSarah Stone
17:39 30 Jan 23
I have worked with Mark and each member of his team in various capacities. 1:1 training for behavioural issues, puppy class and recall training.I have nothing but positive things to say about each of these experiences and everyone at Herts Canine.The puppy classes were amazing and gave such a good foundation for commands and behaviour.The recall training has completely changed how my dog walks on and off the lead making it a pleasant experience and not a stressful one.Marks personal 1:1 sessions have done nothing short of saved my relationship with my dog. Mark has supported us through puppy food aggression and anxious behaviours that arose with the birth of our child.I am eternally grateful for their straight forward, easy and effective support.Thank you endlessly and sincerely.
Kim PearceKim Pearce
16:29 17 Oct 22
I’ve used Mark as a trainer for a number of years, he also gave advice on Foster dogs for me, always happy to help and never makes you feel like you are failing. Experienced and reassuring and reliable. Wouldn’t go to anybody else
lucy bakerlucy baker
17:57 08 Sep 22
Absolutely love Mark and his class. Have been bringing my golden retriever Molly for two years now and it really shows with her behaviour. Would recommend and do recommend to absolutely everyone.
KELLY RingsellKELLY Ringsell
18:12 11 May 22
We have taken our puppy Bailey to Mark & David since he was 11.5 weeks. We do the group classes which are fantastic, friendly and very informative and we have grown our friendships within our group. As 1st time dog owners they have built our confidence as well as Baileys. I look forward to our group class and 1:1 sessions every week. I cannot recommend them enough.
e be b
10:44 06 May 22
Mark is working with me in the training of our second English Bull Terrier - no easy feat I can tell you EBT's are STUBBORN. Marks ethos of "no two dogs or owner are the same" is a breath of fresh air. He works WITH us. I'm currently attending one of his weekend dog training classes and love it as does Pop. We have also taken advantage of his 1-2-1 and his group dog walks all of which have benifited both myself and my pup (16 months now)
Megan GatlandMegan Gatland
16:26 06 Apr 22
Mark is brilliant, would definitely recommend his services. We go to weekly group classes and the progress we have seen in our Romanian rescue has been incredible.
22:23 17 Feb 22
Mark and David are amazing so friendly and helpful!They help me build my confidence with my dog and have no issues helping with any problems my dog has.We have also attended the group Socialisation walks. Which have been great and done in a safe controlled manner.Our most favourite is the agility. My boy has a blast and a chance to let off steam while learning something new!We hands down recommend Herts Canine 100%!
Maria YilmazMaria Yilmaz
12:44 29 Jan 22
Went there for the 1st time today to enquire about dog training and agility course. On the face of it they sounded very professional but we haven't started the training yet. One thing to mention is that like anything to do with dogs they are VERY busy and you have to wait a while for your appointment.
Jenny FielderJenny Fielder
19:38 23 Jan 22
Mark and David are fab. Lessons are engaging, and they're great at encouraging us, especially when Bowser is being uncooperative!Socialisation walks have also been great - evening walks with a small group to help the dogs to get used to walking with other dogs.Would totally recommend if you're looking for training.
Carrie EatonCarrie Eaton
22:02 12 Dec 21
Mark is very knowledgeable, my dogs love going to training on a Sunday. I can’t say enough good things about Herts Canine!
Tabitha ChaineyTabitha Chainey
12:14 12 Sep 21
I have been using Mark for nearly 3 years from when my dog was puppy, my dog enjoys it so much which is why we still go. Mark is very knowledgeable and has an answer for every question and problem.
22:28 04 Sep 21
Poor communication. The owner didn't inform about the classes being at another location, knowing we are not local. Wasted half an hour driving there just to see their main site closed and when I texted the owner about it, he replied saying the classes are at Ashridge. Which again, doesn’t mean a lot to somebody who doesn’t live locally. Asked for the address but received no reply after the owner has read the message.Also, I’ve met a lady who was waiting in front of their main site and asked her if she’s here for the classes too. She said she’s there for her appointment which was scheduled for today after her first one got cancelled and the site is closed. The lady then explained how hard it is to get a hold of them as nobody is answering which is telling me that the communication wasn’t just poor in my case.Definitely something to be looking at for future improvements.. would also be nice to have a sign or at least a piece of paper with information about the classes being at a different location and the address with it. I see a lot of positive feedback so it’s probably not always this bad, but that’s just my experience from today. Would probably be looking at different places now since it’s pretty hard to communicate.
Sandy BarberSandy Barber
10:04 18 May 21
Absolutely brilliant. Very informative training sessions and Mark manages to bring humour into it as well. Would definitely reccomend
Joanne RossJoanne Ross
21:55 29 Jan 21
Absolutely brilliant. A dog guru. Given us so much sound advice on our puppy. Can't wait for puppy classes to start again.
Suzie FraserSuzie Fraser
16:57 14 Sep 20
Mark is such a professional, the classes are fun and engaging. Our Dalmatian was so nervous around dogs, he happily greets them now and this was after 2 sessions.Strongly recommend.
Debra KlyenDebra Klyen
15:43 09 Sep 20
Brilliant Friendly very good at Hydrotherapy recommend him to everyone
rachael emesrachael emes
18:21 06 Nov 19
#1 dog manstarsBy far they very best , Mark has been looking after Ruby for 13 years from puppy class , dog boarding, hydrotherapy and much more .He has a house key Incase we can’t get back we give him a quick call and without any hesitation he will pop in refresh her water put food out and let her out for a wee.I would go as far to say he has become a very good friend.I’m happy to be contacted privately for a reference
Michael FrenchMichael French
06:13 07 Apr 19
Been taking our little man to Mark for almost a year now and his dog training is the best we found. Thank you for helping us and our boy get the correct training to make him such a good little man 😊
Danielle DownsDanielle Downs
01:08 29 Sep 18
Mark is very experienced and knowledgeable. Through hydrotherapy, he helped our 10 year old Boxer x Olde English Bulldogge regain muscle lost due to medication for his brain tumour. He really cares about his canine customers and gives them a thorough physical checkup before putting them in the pool. The level of exercise is built up slowly and tailored to the Dog's age, fitness and ability. We would definitely recommend him to anyone considering hydrotherapy for their Dog
A Google User
A Google User
13:58 28 Sep 18
Mark is very experienced and knowledgeable. Through hydrotherapy, he helped our 10 year old Boxer x Olde English Bulldogge regain muscle lost due to medication for his brain tumour. He really cares about his canine customers and gives them a thorough physical checkup before putting them in the pool. The level of exercise is built up slowly and tailored to the Dog's age, fitness and ability. We would definitely recommend him to anyone considering hydrotherapy for their Dog
19:27 29 May 18
You couldn't ask for a better person to take care of your dogs. Mark Mayo is very helpful and does his best to accommodate any requests. He's a great trainer, walks dogs, offers boarding and carries out hydrotherapy sessions. My two dogs love him and I'm sure they consider him to be one of their family. We wouldn't be without him.