Behaviour Training

The owner of a dog with an unwanted behaviour problem has four options, firstly they can put up with the problem, rarely do a dogs bad behaviours just disappear without training. The second option is to re-home the dog, unfortunately this happens too often all around the world, owners simply give up! Third option is to put the dog to sleep, sadly sometimes this is the most sensible option if the dog is very highly aggressive or if the dog’s behaviour is too extreme causing severe suffering to themselves where behaviour training will not work. Thankfully this is rarely the case. Lastly the dog’s behaviour is modified and this is what I have over twenty years experience in doing!

I can help with every type of unwanted behaviour, the most common ones are :

No problem is too big or too small!

Whatever the problem I have the solution to make life better for you and your dog!

Sid joined my classes because he was displaying aggression towards other dogs

Consultations take place either in your own home or at my centre. For many behaviours it is better if I visit the dog at home, this is where I can study your dog while he is on his home territory and he is his ‘usual self’. Ideally I will need to see your dog perform the unwanted behaviour. If for example your dog is aggressive towards other dogs we will go on a walk in your local park to see your dog in action!

During this session:

I keep sessions to a minimum, my aim is to leave you fully confident of how to handle your dog on a day to day basis to combat the problem. Sometimes I only need to visit for one session. I fully support owners after the consultation, and am happy to continue guidance via phone and email to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I also take veterinary referrals as well as owners contacting me directly for dogs to start behaviour training. Sessions are available throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.  

All dogs are trained using kind, modern and effective methods.

Behaviour Consultations cost from £45 per session.

If your dog has several behaviour problems or you need more support a Behaviour Modification Course may be better for you. These usually consist of 5 sessions if you think this may be the better option for you contact me to book an initial behaviour assessment of your dog.