Adult Classes

Our obedience classes are set up to give you and your dog everything you need, they have six objectives:

Obedience Class FAQs

As long as your dog is fully vaccinated you are welcome to join.
Classes are held weekly, I have multiple classes that run throughout the week, please contact me to get the newest group times.
We have training venues in and around Hemel Hempstead.
The classes are all held outside. This obviously on occasions can be less than comfortable than a village hall in bad weather but it is the most realistic environment for them to learn in.

I am conscious that I do not want people and dogs standing around getting bored. I aim to have a maximum 8 per class.

The classes are £10 per class. They are payable on a pay-as-you-go basis so you do not have to commit to paying for a course upfront.
This depends on each individual dog, how good you are at doing your homework and to what level you want to take the training to.

The dog on a lead and collar/harness, some treats and a poo bag.

No missing a week is fine, we can take off the following week.

No, I encourage treats for training, however I do not want your dog to expect them so they will be reduced as training improves, but this will be explained in class.

Unfortunately not, for safety reasons I ask that children do not join in the class but am happy for family members to watch the class but ask they do not distract the dogs in the lesson.