Fun Agility & Hoopers

Fun Agility

Agility, as you may have seen on Crufts is fast circuit of obstacles and uses see-saws, tunnels, dog walks, jumps and weaves.  

Often those dogs that have done obedience with us move on to agility.

Our agility classes are not competitive. They are designed to be fun for dog and handler in a controlled way.

As there is a lot of jumping involved dogs must be at least 12 months of age until they can join in.

Agility training is available in small groups or on a 121 basis.


Hoopers is a fun based exercise for dogs of all ages including puppies.  

It involves courses made up of barrels, hoops and tunnels and is non – impact on the dogs’ joints.

Its great exercise and training for both dog and handler.

Hoopers is available in small groups or on a 121 basis.

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